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sew, sew, sew

The NOMGI Experience

NOMGI SIP & SEW is an experience like no other. The mix of your favorite beverage, fiery music, and sewing is sure to leave a lasting imprint. Ever wonder how the beautiful, ornate, and detailed Mardi Gras Indian costumes are conceived and/or created? Look no further. At NOMGI, masking Indians teach attendees how to hand bead/sequin designs on canvas. The designs are tailored to strive for the completion of each piece within the class so each person can leave with his/her design to cherish for a lifetime. The price of the class includes all sewing materials, light snacks, a live performance by the Young Maasai Hunters Indians, and photo opportunities. Please note the Indians will not be in costume; however, pieces of their suits will be on display throughout the venue. 

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Live like a legend, design like an artist. Experience the culture.
— Queen Mimi