At first, there were two. Big Chief Dump and Queen Mimi were just a couple who loved New Orleans and all of its' cultural components. Then, Chief introduced her to the allure of masking Indians and the rest was history. They would then become two powerhouses in the Indian game and turn their passion/hobby into an empire.  

S & K in purple suits.jpg

Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way of life.

Many Mardi Gras Indians are fascinated with beating other Indians of their same position. However,  Chief Dump is fascinated with beating himself. His motto is: “I have to build a suit better than my last suit. I have to beat myself.”  Color scheming, and street dances is far from his main focuses. His forte is the artistic elements, construction, and comfortability of his massive master pieces. He demonstrates his skills by making sure the constructions are solid, straight and balanced and as he notably says “My costume fits me like a tailor made suit from Rubenstein Brothers.”


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Doo in Red Suit.jpg

Unified by a love for the traditions, history, culture, the world and the people who live in it.

Big Chief Dump was born and raised in the 7th ward of New Orleans and Queen Mimi was born and raised in the Lafitte Housing Project in New Orleans.  Both reared in neighborhoods plagued with drugs and violence, they were determined to not become a product of their environment and gravitated to the culture of masking as Indians as an outlet to showcase their talents and become great citizens of their community.